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Medex – Customizable, cost effective and easy to use solutions for Pressure Monitoring and the Cath Lab (Interventional Imaging); streamlined, technologically advanced safety design. Providing individual customers

with access to bespoke kits that are tailored to meet their own particular needs.

Pressure Monitoring

Smiths Medical manufactures pressure monitoring systems for the operating room, critical care units, labor and delivery, and catheterization lab. Our product portfolio offers innovative and economical solutions to meet your pressure monitoring needs. And of course, our systems are accurate to AAMI specifications

and industry standards providing the quality you require.

Our pressure transducer systems represent over two decades of Smiths pressure monitoring innovations. The LogiCal® pressure transducer system offers reusable electronic components; its transducer mounting plate incorporates an electronic pressure sensor – only the disposable cartridge and tubing set are replaced with each new patient.

Our TranStar® disposable pressure transducer has the pressure sensor incorporated in the disposable cartridge. Our flush system and pressure infusor bags are designed to ensure consistent flow rates, enabling effective fluid management.

Pressure Monitoring

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