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The Magellan System is a fully automated, dual spin, self-balancing, microprocessor driven system with intelligent detection capabilities utilizing optic sensors in addition to centrifugal force and cell density for cell separation. This system was designed to be gentle on the cells and flow cytometry testing showed 97% of platelets are not activated during processing. In addition, the Magellan does not depend upon user accuracy for product quality and it is not a hematocrit dependent system. Together, these benefits allow for a consistent and reproducible product. 

The Magellan System is a closed system with physical barriers. Once the starting volume is connected to the disposable, the user only has to enter the desired final volume and press the start button. The system does the rest. At the end of the cycle, the user only has to disconnect the 10 mL syringe containing PRP or MAR0 product and transfer to the sterile field. This ease of use increases safety, as well as, product consistency

The Magellan System:

Allows you to choose from 3 to 10 mL of final product volume from between 30 and 60 mL of starting volume per spin. It is FDA approved for up to three separate spins per disposable per patient. So, there are many options for final volume and concentration levels giving the ability to customize the final product per patient and procedure. In addition, the final volume is drawn off automatically while the system is still spinning at 1,000 RPMs which allows the total final volume to come from the most concentrated portion of the buffy coat and plasma. This helps to maximize cellular content. See below for our Platelet Concentration Chart showing many of the volume and concentration possibilities.

Multiple Beneficial Applications for One Kit Cost: 1) Our MARO products can be applied with graft material to an orthopedic site. 2) PRP & PPP can be processed from whole blood during the same procedure for no additional cost.  We are seeing PRP being utilized for soft tissue healing and infection prevention and PPP for hemostasis upon closure. In the office setting, this gives you the option to produce the volume and platelet concentration desired to treat multiple sites in the same visit for no additional cost. For example, cBMA injections for OA of both knees and PRP for Tennis Elbow.


For more than 30 years, biopolymers have been at the center of SYMATESE’s expertise.
In many medical fields, polymers of natural origin are the “gold-standard” for the design of customized medical solutions and biomaterials.
Every medical field can benefit from biopolymers.

SYMATESE is specialized in the transformation of the following biopolymers into efficient, innovative medical devices:

  • Collagens,
  • Hyaluronic acid,
  • Alginate or alginic salts,
  • Cellulose,
  • Chitosan,
  • Ultra-pure Gelatin ,
  • Agarose,
  • Other glycosaminoglycans and Polysaccharides.

SYMATESE has a fully mastered organisation: from collagen extraction to purification.
SYMATESE has a full portfolio of medical grade collagen raw material, from different types of different origins.


Our vision is to be the accepted global leader in the First Aid and Consumer Wound Care sector, manufacturing products that deliver superior outcomes and generate strong brand loyalty. We will deliver this vision with superior market insight, innovative solutions, better education and the security and status that comes from our global presence. Our competitive difference is manufacturing our own branded products, which gives us control over research and development and the supply chain. We deliver a better user experience and more effective products that represent long-term value for money. Aero Healthcare are authoritative and clinical, underpinning the safety credentials of all our products. We are positive, enthusiastic and innovative, informing and empowering our users and customers.


A safe and natural solution for your family

NatraSan First Aid Spray, brand new to the market, is a revolutionary healthcare spray, essential for every household cupboard.

World leaders

NatraSan has worked with world-leading scientists to produce this powerful first aid and disinfection product – the first ever hypochlorous product on sale to the consumer to be fully E.U. compliant. It has been independently laboratory tested to rigorous BSEN standards and is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-vi


Advancis Medical is a UK based Advanced Wound Care Specialist – A brand name of Brightwake Limited. We are a family run business with a strong track record of excellence and British ingenuity. From our origins in textile production, we have continued to grow and thrive in the medical sector – becoming the first medical company to launch 100% Medical Grade Manuka Honey products in the UK.
We are proud of our ability to develop and manufacture all our products in-house at our factory in Nottinghamshire, in doing so we are able to achieve high quality solutions at competitively low costs.


Since more than 30 years we are in South Italy the only manufacturing Company of our field. The quality, combined with the flexibility of our manufacturing processes, enables us to be competitive on the market, to provide effective and innovative solutions for the treatment of chronic wounds and to achieve an high level of customer satisfaction.

We are a parapharmaceutical Company specialized in research, production and distribution of a wide selection of plasters, sterile surgical dressings and medical devices for the treatment of chronic wounds.

We manufacture, through first choice materials, a full range of products for the woundcare market, carrefully designed to comply with the Italian style.


The Management is convinced that, to achieve and strengthen/consolidate good economical results, it’s essential to improve continuatively the qualitative standards of its products. From the beginning of its activity, the level of organization used has gradually improved over time, permitting to satisfy and propose high-quality articles.

Farmac – Zabban has been the first Italian company in the field of medication to obtain the Certification of its Quality Control System issued by the Sanity Superior Institute in March 1997; in addition, it has published several researches and studies on specialized international journals, obtaining the ISO 9002 Certification; actually the company is already certified with ISO 9001 / 2008 and 13485 / 2004.

That has implied the creation, the control and the development of a number of procedures, examinations and inspections to produce and commercialise Medical Accessories which are safe, able to provide sure performances according to all the pertinent laws and regulations.

The long experience in the field of Medical Accessories, the human resources’ know-how and the modern and efficient structures and machineries grant a strict respect of quality standards and a prompt assistance to satisfy the customers’ exigencies of efficiency and security.

The company has an internal laboratory, advanced as concerns the controls of the materials and the finished products. It’s equipped with all the necessary instruments to be completely autonomous. Finally, the act of production happens within a new white room whose construction has been completed in 2010.


Medina Healthcare is proud to supply affordable and quality healthcare solutions to our clients. We choose to work with market-leaders from around the world and have built a strong portfolio of products to serve both the public and private healthcare sectors in Malta.

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