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Aqualution Systems Ltd are the global leaders in the hypochlorous acid revolution. Our biocide products represent a new era in health and hygiene that harnesses HOCl, a highly effective weak acid that is naturally present in the human immune system.

Aqualution products are safe for humans, animals and the environment, and are used by hospitals, food producers, horticulturists, vets and farmers to improve hygiene, healthcare and animal welfare, fight infection, and enhance food and flower shelf life.

We’re British scientists with a pharmaceuticals background, and we invented the technology that has made this safe revolution possible.

Unlike other HOCl products on the market, our biocides have been tested in independent UK laboratories and leading universities, and comply with the rigorous EU Biocide Regulations.

Our company is guided by a ‘green chemistry’ ethos, with the aim of3-1455101494-14133045-2

  • keeping you and your family safe with effective infection control and prevention
  • supporting hygienic food and drink production
  • improving animal health, welfare and biosecurity


Brightwell Dispensers Ltd have been a global designer and manufacturer of innovative soap, paper and chemical dispensers and dosing systems for over 60 years. Created in 1947, the company have gained a strong reputation as a reliable provider and partner for paper and chemicals manufacturers, janitorial companies, dishwasher and washing machines providers and international corporations. Based in the UK, Brightwell Dispensers have always been proud to be a successful family business driven by values. This is why the company’s headquarters, innovation centre and primary manufacturing facilities are still based in the UK where it all started.

Brightwell Dispensers export to 85 countries worldwide, supported by a network of exclusive distributors. Our product ranges cover all hygiene environments such as away-from-home washrooms, healthcare and leisure facilities, on-premise and industrial laundries and professional kitchens.


What is our mission – and how do we fulfill it?

Our company makes contributions to medical care and technical infrastructures. We do this by providing the most sophisticated products and services for our customers. And in the interest of our employees for whom we are a reliable and loyal employer. When the entire company is focused on sustainable growth, the prospects for our employees also grow.

Semperit operates in the Business-to-Business segment. We ensure that our customers are successful. Our business partners expect us to provide optimum quality and maximum efficiency. In manufacturing and sales, we are positioned worldwide without borders. In our product portfolio we focus on reliable areas of competence in which we are among the market leaders: the manufacture of medical and industrial products made of rubber. Success in these product worlds comes when we are creative and innovative as well as pragmatic and skilled.

That is why our company name is also our business doctrine: semper it – there is always a solution.


A safe and natural solution for your family

NatraSan First Aid Spray, brand new to the market, is a revolutionary healthcare spray, essential for every household cupboard.

World leaders

NatraSan has worked with world-leading scientists to produce this powerful first aid and disinfection product – the first ever hypochlorous product on sale to the consumer to be fully E.U. compliant. It has been independently laboratory tested to rigorous BSEN standards and is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-vi



More than just standard: Tailor-made dispensing products and hygiene solutions help our customers gain a competitive advantage and stand out from the competition.

Our TECHNOLOGIES Business Unit focuses on the development of OEM products. Based on our long-term expertise in customized dosage technology, we aim to meet particularly demanding requirements and expectations.

We focus on our positioning along the value chain of proprietary dosage solutions: From standard dispensers with individual logo to completely customized dosage and pump concepts.

An integrated setup with experienced inhouse Engineering & Design teams enables us to always leverage the best solutions for our customers.

WASHROOM Business Unit

Public and semi-public washrooms place very specific demands on hygiene solutions. Vandalism proof, easy to operate and to service, providing high capacities for soap and paper towels, a  hygienic and attractive appearance – these are key properties when it comes to equipping public washrooms.

Our WASHROOM Business Unit focuses on the development and optimization of sustainable hygiene solutions that meet our customers’ requirements in the field of public washrooms.

MEDICAL Business Unit

In the medical field, careful hygiene is the most important prerequisite for high quality patient care. Today’s health care systems are more demanding than ever before: The need for professional hygiene solutions is continuously rising, while personal resources are often very limited.

Our MEDICAL Business Unit focuses on the development and optimisation of hygiene solutions for health care settings:

  • An encompassing range of dispensing systems that can be easily integrated into daily work routines of health care workers
  • Fully automated Hygiene Monitoring Systems to precisely measure and sustainably improve hand hygiene behaviour in health care facilities

To present the advantages of our system solutions in a real world environment, we set up the new Compliance Campus. Providing state-of-the-art premises for training sessions and product presentation, the Compliance Campus is also a place for hygiene professionals to meet  and exchange ideas.


A family Company driven by a commitment to manufacturing and quality, Pal International has grown to become a market leader in Disinfectant & Cleaning Wipes, Hygiene Workwear and Chefs’ Headwear.

Established in 1970 and with over forty years of experience in providing hygiene solutions for the workplace, the Pal brand is recognised and trusted worldwide.

Our Head Office, manufacturing plant and European warehouse are based in Lutterworth, Leicestershire in the heart of the UK. We have commercial offices in Hong Kong and Dubai and an Asia warehouse in Shanghai supporting an extensive distribution network that covers more than 70 countries.

We continue to develop and manufacture a range of and quality products that carry the Pal brand but we are also proud to offer our expertise and experience and work with customers to create their own bespoke and innovative products, providing solutions to a range of hygiene needs.

Through this focus on innovation and partnership, the Pal brand has established itself as a name that can be trusted in many industrial sectors, ranging from food manufacturing and HORECA, to healthcare, janitorial, engineering and agriculture.


Medina Healthcare is proud to supply affordable and quality healthcare solutions to our clients. We choose to work with market-leaders from around the world and have built a strong portfolio of products to serve both the public and private healthcare sectors in Malta.

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