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Natural by Ogilvy




Natural by Ogilvy

Natural By Ogilvy source quality organic honeys which are full of taste and goodness. Our super honeys have additional natural enzymes to support a healthy lifestyle. We work with like-minded beekeepers who are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about their bees, beekeeping and honey.

Our pure honeys are cold pressed, retaining the natural health benefits. Honey is extracted at low temperatures, similar to the temperature of the hive, and is allowed to set naturally. This ensures the natural enzymes and unique preventative and healing properties in the honey are retained to maintain good health.

Each honey has an amazing flavour influenced by the natural variety of trees and plants found in the location of the hives. The taste and aroma are influenced by the nectar source so each honey has its own distinctive taste, texture and strength. 

Natural By Ogilvy gives you confidence in the integrity, traceability and quality of our honeys – from hive to market.

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