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Welcome to Medina Healthcare Ltd

Affordable Quality Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare products should be affordable, and Medina Healthcare’s primary aim is to ensure that high-quality products from top international suppliers make it to local private and public healthcare providers. Our portfolio includes the latest and most up-to-date products for infection control, decontamination and sterilisation, surgery, anaesthesia, hand hygiene control, wound care, intensive care, pain management, incontinence management, quality management and monitoring, and geriatric care.

We stay on top of the industry and on the pulse of ever-changing advancements. Our clients need to be in the know and we see it as our duty to help them. We keep ourselves educated so as to always remain a source of information for our customers within the areas in which we operate.

For more details, visit the Medina Healthcare Company Profile in the 'about us' page .

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